Welcome to “Uncomplicating Management”

A number of my trusted colleagues have been encouraging me to blog for some time, but frankly, it took a push from my son, Michael, to get me started.  In fact, he developed this site.

I’m naming the blog Uncomplicating Managementfor two reasons. First, I believe we overly complicate the management process.  Managing people is hard and when you throw in the latest fads and gimmicks touted by so called management gurus, you can’t help but to be confused.  Throw in the ever-changing employment laws, a bruising economy, and increasing competition, and you’ll find yourself teetering on the edge.  I’ll try to provide you some relief, uncomplicating the process.

Uncomplicating Managementis also the title of my new book, which is due out this fall.  The blog, like my book, will contain tips, ideas, and advice on how to uncomplicate the art of managing, making your job a whole lot easier.  I suspect you’ll also see a fair amount of musings on issues that affect your business.

The subtitle of my book is “focus on your stars and your company will soar.”  The faces you see in this blog’s header, as well as on the cover of my book, represent those star performers.

I promise to provide you lots of value.  I am also hoping that we can have a dialogue, so feel free to comment on my entries.  It would also be great if you asked your colleagues and friends to join us here.

So, let’s begin, and remember, uncomplicating management should always be fun.



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2 responses to “Welcome to “Uncomplicating Management”

  1. Mike LaFave

    Excellent start! I’m looking forward to more. BTW-In my 40 plus years of leadership/organizational consulting, those poor performers you reference are just as often the organization’s leaders. Hmmm, the blind leading the uninspired. There’s a combination.

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