Outrageous Workers’ Comp Claim

 Unbelievable! A court in Indiana has ruled that a pizza shop must pay for weight loss surgery for an obese employee to ensure success for another operation for a back injury he had at work—even though his weight (340 pounds at the time of the injury) was a preexisting condition. The court claims that without the weight loss surgery, his back surgery would not be successful.

His back injury is legit and the employer should cover this. But weight loss surgery?

These kinds of rulings outrage employers and turn them against the system. Employers begin to question legitimate injuries, fearing they will lead to rulings like this one, as well as to sky rocketing premiums. You can bet this pizza shop owner will be skittish when he next interviews someone who is a bit overweight.

Workers’ comp was designed to protect employees who become legitimately injured at work. It should also protect employers from crazy claims. To read how you can set up a positive workers’ comp cost containment program, click http://www.dacri.com/art_takecareemployees.htm


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