Assess How Well Your Organization is Running

Success as a manager depends upon having a workforce that is committed to your organization and a management staff that knows how to supervise people. This organizational self-assessment will provide you a quick evaluation of your workforce and will highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses.

So how can you tell if your workforce is engaged? Here’s a quick evaluation you can make on your organization:



Answer each statement with “agree”, “disagree”, or “not sure.” In the “comment” box add points of clarity, proposed next steps, etc. Once done, determine your score.




Not sure


1. We are able to recruit good people.





2. We are able to retain our best employees.





3. Injured employees return to work quickly from work related injuries.





4. We are able to retain our customers.





5. Each year we regularly get new customers.





6. Our customers regularly provide good feedback on our service (products).





7. Our employees know what is expected of them.





8. We have confidence that our supervisors are managing effectively.





9. Our employees feel a connection to the goals of the organization.





10. Our supervisors regularly recognize & praise their employees when they do good work.





11. Our employees know they have job security if they do good work.





12. The company is hitting its financial (sales) goals.





13. We are confident that our employees are doing the right things when dealing with customers.





14. We trust our employees and they trust us.





15. Things are better this year than last year.





 Self-Evaluation Scorecard:

Count the number of “Agree” statements. That is your score.

My Score:                                           

If you had:

14-15:        You’re in great shape. Give yourself a pat on the back. Your workforce is humming. Build on your strengths and address any problem areas.

12-13:        Things are generally OK. Put together a plan to address problem areas before you begin to lose employees and customers. You can’t afford to slip here.

10-11:        Got a lot of work to do. Get going. Without a rapid turnaround, you face serious problems.

Under 9:  Get help fast. You’ve got problems with your employees and customers that are costing you a bundle. A rapid turnaround is necessary before you lose control or worse.

 Fostering an environment where employees are “willing to give their all” to guarantee the success of their organization is paramount. When managers take care of their employees and inspire them and when employees believe in their boss and their organizations, then success is guaranteed. This is pragmatic, uncomplicated, bottom line approach to business.

Excerpted from my book, Uncomplicating Management; scheduled for publication on November 1, 2009.

To get a free download of Uncomplicating Management, click


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