Focus On Your Star Performers

Executives spend too much of their precious time addressing poorly performing employees. They lament that they squander 90% of their hours dealing with the bottom 10% of their workforce. When they are not either disciplining them or somehow trying to compensate for them, they are find themselves creating new systems and procedures to counterbalance their poor performance. In all my years in consulting, working with large organizations and small, I regularly hear this from executives who are totally exasperated by poorly performing employees. Why is this happening and what can be done?

Executives should be focused on things that provide the organization the greatest return on investment. Whether it is new products, customers or services, your limited time should be directed toward things that will generate the greatest benefit for the organization. The same thinking has to be used when dealing with employees. Your top performing employees generate more productivity, better service, new ideas, and they usually do it without upsetting the organization or you. Yet, they often get the least attention from executives who are more focused on the problem employees. This equation must be changed.

Excerpted from my book, Uncomplicating Management; scheduled for publication on November 1, 2009.

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