My New Business Book Released

My new book Uncomplicating Management: Focus On Your Stars and Your Company Will Soar has just been released.  I am pleased that the initial response has been very positive.

Uncomplicating Management took nearly a year to write, but over thirty years to prepare.  The materials included in it represent the cumulative experiences and knowledge obtained throughout my professional career. As I wrote, I could almost hear the remarks, advice, comments, and wisdom I have received from the many individuals I have come to know over the years—the stars who have helped my career to soar.  At times, I thought I was channeling their voices in this book. 

I hope my readers will find that by “uncomplicating management” they can enjoy greater success and happiness in their career.  The book was written for everyone who manages people.  I believe that after reading the book and implementing the concepts contained in the book, it will become my readers turn to “soar with the stars.”

The book is available through or my web site at




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