Are Your Employees Planning To Quit?

More and more signs point to the end of the recession.  All indicators except unemployment are positive and most experts believe that too will improve in 2010.  Finally, good news for all.  Right?

 While we can cheer these events, new storm clouds loom.  A number of surveys point to pent up frustration and anger building within American workers.  Layoffs, pay cuts, furloughs and benefit reductions have taken a toll.  Employee loyalty has been tested and many workers have indicated they will be looking for new employment when the economy recovers.  Employees have become disengaged.

 For employers, this is a good and bad scenario.  For the optimist, this may be a good time to recruit good workers who want a new opportunity.   For others, now is the time to mend fences and work to reengage your workers before you loose them to greener pastures.  For all employers, it is a time to remind your star employees how much you value and want them.

 This economy has been tough on everyone.  Don’t let the recovery inflict more pain.

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One response to “Are Your Employees Planning To Quit?

  1. This is a point well made. Cutting wages and benefits are the recipes for a disgruntled employee. If the employee can’t leave now, s/he will leave later when presented with the proper opportunity.

    For many employers, I think the ship has sailed for mending fences.

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