The Value Of Good Managers

The level of productivity in your organization correlates directly to the level of employee engagement and both are dependent upon having good managers. Study after study shows that organizational excellence requires managers who are best at getting the most from their people.

Now imagine what it would be like for you to be experiencing:

  • Productivity that trends upward
  • Workers that are motivated and engaged
  • Employees who perform at an exceptional level
  • Candidates that want to work for you and your organization
  • Communication that is open and honest
  • Employees who get along

 If that does not describe your experience, why not? Your managers cannot afford to be making bad hires, focusing on problem employees and tolerating poor performance.  Your managers should be energizing your star performers, increasing the level of performance, and resolving tough challenges.  If they aren’t, get them the training to do so.  If they can’t or won’t get rid of them.  You are only as good as your managers and supervisors. 

To understand how to develop your managers,  read Uncomplicating Management by Rick Dacri

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One response to “The Value Of Good Managers

  1. Hi,
    Though the hiring is a key aspect in the above said topic, but it is not always. The performance of the employee is also depends on how the team treats him, environment of the company, work environment which boosts the employee morale are much important than the hiring process. A good training and mentoring can turn the tables even if we recruit a bad guy (at work and knowledge).

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