Top 10 Lessons from Uncomplicating Management

(Book review of Uncomplicating Management, written by Kris Avery for the HRTimes)

When I was approached about the request to write a book review on Rick Dacri’s new book, “Uncomplicating Management,” I was honored and immediately agreed to do so.

 Rick has taught me many lessons in leadership over the years, so what a great opportunity to pay a tribute to him by composing a review of his new title. Rick has been my mentor, colleague and friend; now he is in my circle of influence as an author!

 My book review uses Letterman’s Top 10 approach based on the Top 10 Lessons I believe are most valuable in Dacri’s book. Although there are many lessons in the book, “Uncomplicating Management,” readers will most certainly benefit from these Top 10 Lessons:

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One response to “Top 10 Lessons from Uncomplicating Management

  1. Rick, your book is worthy of the excellent review Kris has written. In my opinion, “focus on the stars” is THE key to any organization growing its health vs. patching its wounds with bandaids.

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