Mirror Management: Key To Success

 Ever wonder what you can do to increase productivity in your organization? As I wrote in my new book Uncomplicating Management, “When asked … ‘what is the one tool I need to understand why my organization is not working well?’ I simply tell them to go out and buy a mirror. I then ask them to do the following: if your department is running well, look in the mirror and ask: why? You will see your answer in the mirror. And, if it is running poorly, your answer will appear there too. The success or failure of your shift, your department or your organization rests on the shoulders of the manager. No longer can we simply blame the suits upstairs. Your success as a manager is within your control. Look long and hard in the mirror and you’ll clearly see the problem and the solution. How your operation runs is a reflection of your management and leadership. Great managers understand this. Their employees know it too.” Managing people is not easy. Good managers become great only after receiving training, mentoring and experience.

To understand how to develop your managers,  read Uncomplicating Management by Rick Dacri http://www.dacri.com/book_uncomplicating_management.htm

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  1. Rick, I’m glad you mention helping managers understand what they’re doing well. Sometimes good managers focus so hard on practices they want to improve that they lose hold of their strengths. It’s kind of an internal version of your excellent book’s “focus on your stars” theme.

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