Economy Generates Lawsuits

While the economy seems to be improving, the unemployment rate remains at 9.7%. Employees fear that they could still lose their jobs and laid off workers are desperate as their benefits begin to run out.

We are beginning to see a number of frivolous claims popping up. I am hearing from managers that current employees, who may think their jobs are vulnerable, are seeking FMLA leaves based on stress. Other individuals are claiming workers’ compensation injuries and those who are already out are harder to get back to work. Laid off workers are quick to get legal advice and we’re seeing an influx of wage and hour claims as well as discrimination claims.  Desperate times often result in desperate measures.

Employers need to protect themselves. Systems must be in place so that you can respond appropriately. Reacting unprepared will result in lost claims and huge costs. Take action now to protect your organization.


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