Walmart Sex Discrimination Lawsuit A Wake Up Call

Walmart just got slapped with a sex discrimination class action lawsuit.  The claim is that they paid their female workers lower pay and gave them fewer and slower promotions than their male counterparts—a clear violation of federal antidiscrimination law.

This is bad news for Walmart and a wake-up call for all other employers.  In a case that Walmart vows to fight all the way up to the Supreme Court, if found guilty, this could potentially cost them hundreds of millions.  On top of that, the negative publicity will likely turn off their loyal female shoppers.  Who wants to patronize a store that discriminates against its workers?

 Other employers should take note and immediately look at their pay and promotion practices.  If your female employees are consistently being paid less than males, and if females are receiving fewer promotions than males, then you may have a similar problem on your hands and should begin correcting it now.  For everyone else, regular reviews of your pay and promotion practices will help you avoid landing on the wrong side of a sex discrimination lawsuit.


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