What Employers Want In A New Hire: 10 Musts

As the job market begins to slowly open, job candidates must be focused like a laser on what employers want in a new hire. By understanding and addressing the employers needs, candidates move one step closer to the promised land—a job.

Here are 10 employer musts:

  1. Energy–it’s the first thing employers see and feel when you show up for an interview. A laid back approach will cook your chances. Act like you want to be there. Be positive and demonstrate that you have a passion for the job.
  2. Competence—if you can’t do the job, stop wasting everyone’s time.  Employers often don’t have time to train. Demonstrate that you can perform on day one. And don’t talk about the tasks you’ve performed, tell them about what you’ve accomplished.
  3. Results and Accomplishments—employers hire and pay for results. Employers do not hire and pay for someone who simply performs tasks. Show how you’ve saved money, increased efficiency, or soothed an upset customer. You need to differentiate yourself and this is one way to do that.
  4. Engagement—employers want workers who believe in what they are doing and who believe in their company and boss. They want someone who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Show them that you want the job. Provide examples of times when you went the extra mile for your company and boss. Engagement is the nectar of every organization.
  5. Strong Communication Skills—interpersonal communication skills are critical in business life. Your first test will be the look and quality of your resume and cover letter.  Pass that and you get an interview.  Show your skills here and the job is yours.
  6. Fit and Compatibility—employers want someone who will fit in. They want an individual who will become part of the team. Talk positively about your previous boss and colleagues. Show your involvement in company activities. It is important to differentiate yourself, but now is not the time to be counterculture.
  7. Self-Confidence—employers want to know they can trust you to perform and you’ll produce great results. Earlier we discussed the importance of energy. Now you’ve got to speak with authority, have a commanding presence, maintain eye contact, and back it up with a track record of ongoing success. Believe in yourself or no one will take you seriously.
  8. Flexibility and Adaptability—organizational life is in constant flux. Show that not only are you not afraid of change, but that you thrive with change and ambiguity. If you can’t roll with it, corporate life is not for you.
  9. Ability to Think and Solve Problems—anyone can identify problems. Employers embrace those who can solve them. Show that you are an analytical thinker, that you are logical in your approach, and that you make things happen. If you can be a “go to” person, the job is yours.
  10. You’re Not a Risk—making a hiring mistake is every employer’s big fear. Reassure your future boss that she won’t regret the day she met you. Be sure she understands that you will come to work everyday, will fit in, you’ll make a contribution and you’ll make her look good.

 Whether a job candidate or a new employee, focus on what your boss wants and needs and give it to him. When he’s comfortable with you, confident in your abilities, then your star will begin to rise. It’s that simple.

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