Celebrating 15 Years In Business

Dacri & Associates turns 15 today! On June 1, 1995, I followed my dream and took a leap of faith in starting my own consulting firm (OK, my wife gave me a badly needed push). After a decade and a half, I’ve continuously seen the positive effects good management advice and coaching can have in helping both managers and organizations improve the performance of their workforce.

 All of my clients come to me with similar needs: they’ve struggled with managing their workforce; want to increase productivity; need help finding and retaining good people; are unsure how to comply with all these employment laws; or want to improve their own level of performance.

 I take pride in having helped hundreds of executives, business owners, CEOs, boards of directors, line managers and HR professionals. A number of my clients have been with me since the early days including ABCD, Wyman Gordon and Rogerson Communities. I want to thank them and all the other individuals and organizations I have had the privilege to work with over these past 15 years.

 I’ll spare you the long walk down memory lane and end by saying I look forward to another 15 years working with each of you. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Happy Anniversary!


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