Summer Means Dress Code Reminders

The warm weather is here and that means it’s time to put on your tank tops, flip flops and shorts and head directly to—work.  For some reason people think it is OK to shed clothes, forget the rules, and dress for work that same way they dress for the beach.

 So with summer upon us, it is time for managers to remind their staff about how you expect them to dress at work. While some managers may like to legislate good behavior with policy, I recommend the following first:

  1. Talk to your employees and tell them what you expect.  Then hold them accountable. This isn’t the time for email. Have an adult conversation about what is acceptable dress and what is not. And tell them why.
  2. Model good behavior and dress. Managers should dress as you expect your employees to dress. If you’re in flip flops, you can be assured they will be wearing them tomorrow.
  3. Immediately address anyone who is dressing inappropriately. Be direct with them, yet be tactful and respectful. Listen to what they have to say, but remain consistent and firm
  4. Maintain your company norms. New employees look around and see how people act, behave and dress—and they do the same.
  5. Maintain a dress code that is consistent with your culture.  If you’re a button-down place, allowing casual dress is a bit counter culture.

 Summer will be here soon. Address the issue now before it becomes too hot to handle. A cool conversation today will make the summer easier to bear.


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