President Obama Demonstrated Real Leadership

President Obama did the right thing firing General McChrystal. McChrystal was wrong. No general, no leader can ever criticize his boss and expect to survive. No organization can properly function when subordinates are second guessing the leader and being openly critical of their decisions.

If President Obama acquiesced, he would have lost control of his generals, undermined troop morale, and would have appeared weak to the American people and the world.

Whether in business or the military, it is the responsibility of the managers to follow the directives of the CEO. Debate around issues is healthy and necessary. But once a course of action is set, everyone must fall in line. For those who cannot, they have a choice. Defer to the decision or resign.  It is that simple.

McChrystal had a distinguished career tarnished because he did not do the right thing. This is not an issue of left, right, liberal or conservative. It is an issue of leadership and McChrystal failed.  It’s unfortunate.

 Obama made the difficult but right decision. He showed real leadership.


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