NE Patriot Randy Moss Had To Go

New England Patriot superstar Randy Moss had to go. The fact that he was a great player and someone who was a game changer was irrelevant. He violated Patriot coach Bill Belichick’s tenets of a successful team. He could not stay.

 This organization has won three Super Bowl titles and nearly won a fourth in the last decade—an unprecedented feat. How did they do it? Their success is based on their philosophy of always building a team that competes for a championship.  Belichick built a strong culture in the locker room that is in line with this philosophy of winning.  The culture of the locker room is key and everyone must buy into their overriding philosophy. Moss no longer did. The moment he publicly spoke out against the team, focusing attention on him and his contract issues, distracting the team from their ultimate goal, he could no longer stay. The team could not remain cohesive with an unhappy, non-believing team leader.

Organizations can learn from the Patriot’s actions.  Two key points:

  1. Organizations must have an overriding philosophy to guide them in how they operate their business.
  2. All employees need to buy into this philosophy.  Any employee, who does not embrace the philosophy, must go.

 It was that simple. Randy Moss will be missed. At the same time, the Patriots will be better off with Randy gone.


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One response to “NE Patriot Randy Moss Had To Go

  1. Tom Wallace

    Hi Rick,
    You nailed this one. I couldnt agree more. Too bad the media/ “sports experts” couldn’t have come up with this.

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