Coffee Provides Productivity Jolt

More than two in five American workers claim that, without coffee, they are less productive at work, but nurses are the ones who most need that java jolt, according to a new survey from

 The survey shows having an extra energy boost in the morning and throughout the day may be helping productivity levels. In fact, 43% of workers ages 18 to 34 say they drag if they don’t drink coffee, and for about one-fourth of that age group buying a cup of coffee is a way to treat themselves.

 Nearly half of workers in the northeastern United States who were surveyed say they are less productive without their coffee. The South is close behind, at 45%, followed by workers in the West (34%) and the Midwest (34%).

 The top professions whose members say they most need the liquid caffeine boost:

  1. Nurses.
  2. Physicians.
  3. Hotel workers.
  4. Designers/architects.
  5. Financial/insurance sales representatives.
  6. Food preparers.
  7. Engineers.
  8. Teachers.
  9. Marketing/public relations professionals.
  10. Scientists.
  11. Machine operators.
  12. Government workers.

Source: SHRM Online


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