Onboarding (Employee Orientation) Raises Performance

When your employees manage their careers, everyone benefits. Organizations grow and continuously improve when and if their employees focus upon and grow their careers, support their team, and position themselves as the “go-to” persons in their respective fields. I recently lead a “Managing Your Career” workshop as part of this company’s onboarding program. There I showed a group of new managers how to think differently about their careers. I demonstrated to them how they could move their performance to the next level, regularly raising the bar, while fostering a spirit of teamwork within their new company’s creative, innovative learning environment.

 By working in a corporate environment that supports, encourages and grows new “thought-leaders,” their career will flourish and the company will enjoy the benefits and value that comes from a fully engaged workforce-higher productivity, innovation, profitability, and retention. The company knows that by developing their employees, they raise the profile of their workforce and their company, expanding the demand for the company’s services, and positioning themselves as the only one to call by prospects and customers. They knew that by employing star performers, they elevate their status. When their employees are successful, the company is successful. The onboarding workshop set the tone early. Establishing clear expectations was the first step in the process. All forward thinking companies should include a component like this in their onboarding program.

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