When Recruiting, Know What You’re Looking for

(Post by Rick Dacri)

This sounds simple, but so often employers do not know which candidate will be successful in their organization and which one will fail. Knowing this is essential. Often we start the recruitment process without truly understanding what we are looking for. Job descriptions are helpful. They define the education, experience and tasks the new hire will perform. What they do not do is identify the traits, those qualitative factors that tell you who will fit and who will not. To do this, ask yourself these questions: What type of person is most successful in our organization? What type isn’t? A good tip is to profile your most successful employees. What makes them successful? Get your employees involved in this process. They often have great insights.

 It is also important to understand that positions change and evolve overtime. With rapid changes in technology, customer demands, new processes, the type of person you need now may be very different from your previous employee. As such, simply using an outdated job description and a profile of the incumbent will not give you a clear picture of a successful new hire. Each time you are faced with making a hire, you must go through this process. Your investment in time will yield good rewards.

Excerpted from Rick Dacri’s book Uncomplicating Management

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