Rick Dacri helps to “uncomplicate” management

(This profile was published in the York County Coast Star and written by by Stephan Burklin on March 10, 2011) 

KENNEBUNKPORT — If you’re an exasperated employer with a problem worker on your hands, Rick Dacri has a solution for you.

 Dacri is a longtime Kennebunkport resident who earns his living giving management advice. For time-pressed proprietors and harried executives in the trenches, Dacri is a self-styled general espousing long-term strategies and tactical thinking.

 His latest marching orders come in the form of a book that codifies his advice. As the title suggests, “Uncomplicating Management” seeks to disentangle sound advice from the industry’s oppressive jargon.

 At first blush, writing a book to redress problems arising out of book-writing may appear paradoxical, but Dacri said his objective was unique: write an eminently readable “how-to” manual.

 “I was tired of reading management books that were filled with gimmicks and fads that were not addressing the practical issues,” he said. “I wanted a book that was filled with specific examples, case studies, and check lists so that my clients would know how to handle particular situations.”

 In contrast to the near serial advice churned out by major publishers, Dacri said his book is the culmination of decades of experience.

 “What I found working with employers is that everyone is looking for the silver bullet, but that’s not how you manage people,” he said.

 Eschewing “cookie-cutter” methods, Dacri said his advice is uniquely tailored to the needs of his clients.

 “What I bring is a breadth of experiences,” he said. “I know what works when and where. I don’t like to approach clients with an established plan. Change is a dynamic process, so it would be presumptuous of me to think I know what needs to be done before I see what’s happening on the ground.”

 The book has netted Dacri several speaking engagements and radio appearances. One company even asked him to train its managers using “Uncomplicating Management” as a textbook.

 Dacri, an alumnus of Assumption College with an MBA from Clark University, said his background as a human resources manager and professional consultant inform his book and his coaching strategies.

Launched in 1995 as a spin-off of another consulting firm, Dacri & Associates has worked with hundreds of clients representing a cross-section of the American economy, including nonprofits, municipalities, construction companies, restaurants, utilities, biotech firms, and assisted living facilities.

 Dacri’s home office in Kennebunkport serves as his headquarters.

 “It doesn’t matter where I am,” he said, “as long as I’m accessible to my clients.”

 Dacri said he appreciates his job because it gives him opportunities to make new acquaintances and discover different lines of work.

 “When managers and employees work hand in hand, that’s when incredible things happen,” he said “and that’s what I try to achieve.”

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