Is Your Workplace Toxic? Seven Red Flags to Watch

 Toxic jobs do not all look alike. However, like a bad relationship, all will destroy your self-esteem, bring you down, and make your life miserable. Some red flags to watch for when trying to determine if your place of employ is toxic:

  1. Customers and employees are second to everything else
  2. Employees and customers are always complaining
  3. Employees bail out faster than management can hire replacements
  4. You’re always fighting fires, never catching up, and you’re always finding yourself behind the eight ball
  5. Management is inconsistent in the way they manage or they don’t manage at all
  6. Supervisors are poorly trained and arbitrary in their styles
  7. Employees are not treated with any respect or decency

Employers who run toxic organizations often blame their customers, vendors and employees for their woeful ways. If even one of these red flags appears in your workplace, it is time to make some changes.

 This blog was excerpted from my book Uncomplicating Management.


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