Top 5 Tips on Dress Codes

 It’s silly season. As the warm weather arrives, many employees go to work dressed as if they were taking a trip to the beach. So as you wonder what things you should consider in putting together your dress code, here are 5 tips:

  1. If you want to show, you got to go: Clothing should not be revealing. Plunging necklines, sheer clothing, tight fits, and jeans hanging low are never acceptable. Add a layer of clothing or send them home.


  1. Art belongs in a museum, not on your body: Body art should be covered. In some organizations it is OK. In others (restaurants, elder care), it is unacceptable. Tattoos of a devil eating a rat can be scary to most.


  1. Jewelry looks best when it’s not in your nose: Piercings, nostril screws, navel studs and plugs are best worn outside of the workplace. Seeing a screw in a drooling server is never appetizing.


  1. Trash talk is great for basketball, not on your tee-shirt: Phrases and cartoons on clothing can be offensive and some border on hostile. The workplace is not a playground and your employees are not billboards.


  1. Want to smell the roses, then go into a garden: Many have allergies to fragrances and strong perfume.  Customers and fellow employees don’t want to continue to smell you 10 minutes after you’ve left the room.


Employers should have reasonable standards for dress and grooming in the workplace. Standards will vary depending on the nature of the business and the employee interaction with customers. But remember, employers have every right to determine what is acceptable in their workplace.



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4 responses to “Top 5 Tips on Dress Codes

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  2. Rick, your tips are excellent, and would seem to be very obvious. Why do you think employers have a hard time setting and enforcing dress codes? I assume it’s difficult, since I frequently see examples of the “don’t’s” you cite.

  3. Craig Foster

    How about the constant slapping of flip flops and sandals. Just drives me crazy…

  4. Hear of P.P.E.? Master servant does not exist in 2012.Self empowerment and good will mutual agreement is the Industrial methodology not big stick and carrot.

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