15 Quick Questions To Assess Your Company

 The success of your organization and your success as a manager depends upon having a workforce that is committed to your organization and a management staff that knows how to supervise people.  Only then can you meet organizational goals. This self-assessment will provide you a quick evaluation of your organization and workforce and will highlight your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Are you always able to recruit good people?
  2. Are you retaining your best employees?
  3. Do your injured employees return to work quickly from work related injuries?
  4. Are able to retain your best customers?
  5. Each year, are regularly getting new customers?
  6. Are your customers regularly providing good feedback on your services or products?
  7. Do your employees know what is expected of them?
  8. Do you have confidence that your supervisors are managing effectively?
  9. Do your employees feel a connection to the goals of the organization?
  10. Do your supervisors regularly recognize & praise their employees when they do good work?
  11. Do your employees know they have job security if they are performing?
  12. Is your company hitting its financial goals? Sales goals?
  13. Are you confident that your employees are doing the right things when dealing with customers?
  14. Do you trust your employees and do they trust you?
  15. Are things better this year than last year?

 If you answered at least 14 questions affirmatively, you’re in great shape. 12 or 13 and things are generally OK. Put together a plan to address problem areas before you begin to lose employees and customers. You can’t afford to slip here. If you answered 10-11 affirmatively, then you’ve got a lot of work to do.  Get going. Without a rapid turnaround, you face serious problems. And if you answered 9 or less affirmatively, get help fast. You’ve got problems with your employees and customers that are costing you a bundle. A rapid turnaround is necessary before you lose control or worse.

 This self-assessment was developed by Dacri & Associates. Read more about it in Dacri’s book Uncomplicating Management.


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