JFK’s Vision, Moon Landing & Your Organization’s Success

It has been 50 years since President Kennedy outlined his bold vision to land a man on the moon. Few, in 1961, thought it possible as our space program was still in its infancy. Yet, this newly elected, charismatic leader mobilized a nation andAmerica soon traveled to the moon and back. This was truly one ofAmerica’s greatest achievements.

While the President always believed we could achieve this goal, he privately feared that many would view this call as a mere political stunt. After all, no one, including NASA officials, had any idea how to do this. Yet, in less than a decade we had landed a man on the moon.

 Just like the vision of a nation, a company’s vision provides its people clear direction. It shows them where they are going. It mobilizes them behind a common goal. It gives them purpose and defines why they exist. Without a clear vision, they are lost, wandering aimlessly. As Yogi Bera allegedly stated “when you come to a fork in the road…take it.” Unfortunately, many companies operate that way.

 President Kennedy’s unambiguous challenge, coupled with his defined timetable, focused an energized American people. Are you inspiring your people with a clear vision?

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