13 Questions Interviewers Never Want to Hear

 One of the best ways of evaluating a job candidate is through the quality of questions asked of the interviewer. Good, thoughtful questions show interest, knowledge and insight. However, if the interviewer hears these questions, red flags should begin waving:

  1. How often do you drug test and do you give advance notice? What drugs do you test for?
  2. Will you be monitoring the sites I visit on the web?
  3. Do you have to check my references?
  4. Will you be checking the sex offender registry before making a hire decision?
  5. Would it be OK if my mother sits in on this interview?
  6. Will you be monitoring my attendance?
  7. Would it be OK to bring my kids to work?
  8. What’s your policy on concealed weapons? Will I be required to walk through a metal detector to get to my office?
  9. Does your educational assistance policy cover anger management classes?
  10. Will I be expected to get along with everyone?
  11. Is there a waiting period before I can use the EAP?
  12. Is their a psych evaluation as part of the pre-placement physical?
  13. Do you investigate all workers’ comp claims?

 Hear any of these questions and its time to reconsider making a hire decision and ending the interview—fast.


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