21 Signs That Your Career Has Derailed

Manage your career. That’s the advice I regularly give to employees. Manage your career or someone will manage it for you. But sometimes, along the way, you may find that your career is not progressing as planned.  Here are 21 signs your career has derailed:


  1. Your phone stops ringing and email stops coming.
  2. You discover that your job is posted on the company’s job board.
  3. Your peers are getting plum assignments and you are not.
  4. Your boss tells you that you no longer need to come to staff meetings.
  5. Everyone but you is invited to lunch with your boss.
  6. Your boss secretly sends your resume to a headhunter.
  7. The key to your office no longer works.
  8. Your desk is moved out of your office and placed beside the loading dock.
  9. Without your knowledge, your boss enrolls you in a Dale Carnegie course.
  10. Your job responsibilities are diminished.
  11. You are no longer copied on memos.
  12. You are asked to pay in advance to the coffee fund.
  13. Your best friend at work suddenly begins crying when she sees you.
  14. Your boss asks if your resume is up to date.
  15. Your boss suggests you might want to hold off purchasing the new car you so wanted.
  16. You find out that your new order of business cards has been cancelled.
  17. The HR manager unexpectedly shows up at your office to discuss the continuity of your benefits.
  18. You find a stranger in your office taking measurements.
  19. You’re introduced to the guy who handles outplacement.
  20. Security shows up outside your door with empty boxes.
  21. Even though you drove to work, your spouse is called to drive you home.


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2 responses to “21 Signs That Your Career Has Derailed

  1. Dennis Worrall

    I got a laugh out of several of these 21 signs your career has derailed. I have experienced several of them myself. You can laugh years later.

    I am still temping at FairPoint. Over a year now. May be done Sept. 30th – although they have extended us over & over again. Only this time, there is a hiring freeze. My supervisor here told me about Sept. 30th and the freeze this morning, both of which I knew about already. Not sure what I will do. Not much out there – either high up Accountant jobs or clerical jobs. But all is OK overall with my family. I see so many people losing their jobs, homes, fortunes, home equity, etc. It is unfortunate.

    Talk to you later, Dennis Worrall

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