Never Ignore Warning Signs

 Driving around the bend on this very winding road, I came upon an auto accident. The driver, obviously driving too fast, couldn’t navigate the road, lost control and ended up in a ditch. As I sat in the traffic back-up, I remembered seeing a number of signs warning of the dangerous curves.

 A new client of mine is at wits end with his new general manager. The manager is turning everyone off with his abrasive personality. In the hiring of this manager, my client recalled how he was warned that this individual, though very capable, could be difficult to work with.  When the new GM got off to a difficult start, my client chalked it up to his newness; when many of the staff quit, it was because he needed a new team. But when the new team started quitting too; when customers complained; and when vendors voiced concern; then and only then did he realize he had a problem.

 Warning signs should never be ignored, whether on a winding road or in managing. Those that ignore them do so at their own peril.


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  1. I wonder how your client’s experience might have been different if the “warning sign” had been discussed with the new General Manager before hire. I imagine the GM has great strengths, but now his potential effectiveness has been nullified by his obliviousness to his great weakness.

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