Recruit Better Candidates With Social Media

In recruiting, finding your ideal candidate is never easy and it gets a lot harder when the candidates you need are gainfully employed and not looking for a job. They will never see your ad no matter where you place it. So how do you find them?

 In a recent national search that I conducted for a key executive, my ideal candidate was likely employed and therefore not actively in the job market. He or she also needed some industry specific skills and experiences. Ads, even placed in specific trade journals, would likely not generate the right candidates.

 Two recruitment tools I used produced a number of qualified candidates. One was networking. This tried and true method of identifying individuals within the industry, contacting them directly and “networking” amongst them and their contacts, produced several solid leads. The second and newest tool used was social media. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were both effective and inexpensive in generating several candidates with specific skills and experience.

 LinkedIn has become a powerful recruitment tool that provides you quick and easy access to thousands of potential candidates. It allows you to review individual profiles, network amongst industry group members, and communicate directly with potential candidates and referrers–individuals you may have not known before you began your search.

 In my executive search, I generated many solid candidates through LinkedIn–none of them was aware of my search prior to my contacting them because none of them was actively looking for a new job.

 Add social media to your recruitment toolbox. Combining it with networking and the other traditional recruitment methods, will allow you to conduct a more focused job search.


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