Unemployed Need Not Apply

Discrimination against the unemployed is angering a lot of people. President Obama may soon introduce legislation against it. Some states are promising to follow. With high unemployment and people desperate for work, the notion that employers would have a hiring practice of not even considering a candidacy of someone who is between jobs is not only repugnant, but a dumb business practice. Nevertheless, we don’t need new laws banning stupidity.

Employers make decisions every day that make no sense to outsiders—some good, some not. Either way, it’s their business. The carte blanche practice of not considering someone because they may be between positions eliminates potential star performers who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons, often without regard to their ability, experiences and skills. When an employer chooses to not even look at a resume or candidate, they cut themselves off from a likely strong candidate.

For the candidate, faced with what appears to be another obstacle in the endless steam of them that this economy has put up, this action may be the last straw. Though their outrage is justified, one must ask themselves first, “would I really want to work for an employer who makes these kinds of decisions?” Candidates should be laser focused on finding a new job in a company that meets all their needs. Anger and frustration will only hinder the search process.

Bottom line, we don’t need new laws designed to penalize poor management practices. We need an expanding economy that creates enough jobs for all who need and want one. That and only that will cure this wrong.


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