Onboarding Programs Should Not Hurt

So many orientation/onboarding programs are just plain dreadful. I’m surprised more new hires aren’t trying to escape. Rather than wondering why they accepted this job, new hires should be excited about the company, the job, and the people they will be working with and for. Yet, too many of these programs are simply focused on completing forms, enrolling in benefit programs, and satisfying some regulatory requirements.

Well run onboarding programs should be focused on helping to integrate the new hire into the organization quickly and smoothly. New hires should walk away from the program feeling welcomed and prepared to contribute. To guarantee this, emphasis should be placed on explaining the company’s history, mission, culture and norms. New employees want to feel a part of something special. Introduce new hires to key staff, key management, and their team mates. Spend time talking about their role and how it fits within the big picture. Be clear about what’s expected—both in terms of their responsibilities and behaviors. Encourage them to ask questions.

 A well run onboarding program will help the new hire to feel confident and motivated, ensuring strong job performance. Expectations will be clear so performance will not suffer and new hires will feel socially comfortable and accepted by their new team and boss.

A new hire’s first days set the tone for their entire career at a company. Make it a positive experience.

 Tell me about your company’s program and your experiences.


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