Making Your Resume Work

Your resume is an employer’s first impression of you. Look good and they’ll invite you in. Look bad and they’ll move on to the next one. It’s that simple.

I recently reviewed the resumes of two recent grads who, like many, have applied to many jobs, but were not getting any interviews.

The first was a communications major who had good grades, a relevant internship and volunteer experience. Her resume, unfortunately was poorly written and formatted, contained typos and capitalization errors, and buried her experience. The second was a law school grad with top grades and several internships. In addition, he started a small, successful construction company, hired and managed a crew, while going to school. He had a great story to tell, but it was not evident in his resume. Neither resume reflected the real potential of these two individuals.

Resumes that go to the top of the pile promote a candidate. They focus on accomplishments over tasks—after all, employers hire people who can get things done. Resumes must look good. If your resume presents poorly, why would an employer want to talk?

A crisp, well written resume is essential for any job search. No matter what an individual has to offer, if it can’t be seen in the resume, an employer will never know about it.


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