Getting it Done

Ever wonder why some people accomplish much, while others don’t? Why some things are done well and others are not?

To get things done, 3 elements come into play: 1) knowledge 2) skills and 3) execution. Knowledge means you know what needs to be done (awareness) and conceptually, how to do it; skills means you know how to do it (know-how, including experience); and execution means you actually do it (what my former boss would refer to as a “doer”). Without all 3, you either won’t get it done or it won’t be done well.  Absent any of the elements and you’ll fall short.

Knowledge and skill can be taught. Where many initiatives fail is in execution—for it requires initiative, energy, engagement and motivation.

In my 25+ years of management consulting, I often hear managers respond to potential solutions to their problems with “well, we already knew that.” If they have the knowledge (awareness) and presumably the skills to do it, then they have fallen short with execution. The reply to their rebuke should be “then why haven’t you done it?” Knowledge and skill are not enough—at some point, you just got to do it.


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