Recruiting With LinkedIn

Social media makes recruiting a whole lot easier and better. Using LinkedIn to review an individual’s profiles provide you an easy to find, fast, low cost alternative to wading through resumes. In fact, LinkedIn is often the first place I look when recruiting executives, managers and engineers for my clients.

Here are two simple ways to identify quality candidates:

  1. LinkedIn has a search tool that allows you to view individual profiles. You can search by name or company. In a recent search for a public power executive, I identified companies that were likely to have the type of candidate ideal for this position. When I entered the company name in the search box, it provided me a list of individuals and their profiles. I was able to scroll through them, identifying potential candidates by title. I was able to contact them directly to determine their interest in the job. Interested individuals sent me their resumes and those not interested often made referrals of others to me.
  2. You can also join LinkedIn Groups. Groups are made up of individuals from certain industries, schools, geography, etc. I belong to several industry groups and contribute frequently to their online discussions. Through this process, I get to network with their members. While doing this search, I both posted the open position (there’s a job board) and networked with individuals who were able to make good quality referrals.

While LinkedIn is a valuable tool to source candidates, it is also a great mechanism to help you assess candidates.  Profiles provide information about an individual not normally found in a resume. A well developed profile will often include recommendations, membership in groups (I like to see if and what they contribute), number of connections, books they’ve read, and more.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool. While it should never be used as your sole source for candidates, it must be included inyour recruitment arsenal.

Let me know if you’re using LinkedIn and what your experience has been.

And if you need help getting started, give me a call.

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