Radio Interviews: Six Fatal Mistakes

(Guest blog post by Mike Dacri)

Radio interviews are a sure-fire way to sell books, gain fame and position yourself as a thought leader. But without practice and preparation, your ticket to stardom can drop like a sinker.

 In my experience promoting authors, these are the top six mistakes made by unprepared authors:

  1. Putting everyone to sleep: The perfect guest has energy and passion, but when you lack energy and speak like you just rolled out of bed, you lose your audience fast! Kick it up a notch without putting it over the top.
  2. Never getting to the point: It’s a radio interview, not a Sunday ride in the country. In your first sentence or two, you must grab your audience and convey your message. Otherwise, everyone will be turning their radio dials.
  3. Cutting off the host: Passion is important and we know you want to speak, but don’t talk over your host or this will be your last interview on their show. Remember, you’re a guest.
  4. Being the “same ole, same ole”: Be interesting. Be different. Don’t be afraid to be contrarian. Provide a sound bite that will hock the audience and get them thinking. Otherwise they’ll forget about you before the interview even ends.
  5. Not knowing your value: Every host and listener is asking, “Why should I care about what you have to say?” or “Why should I buy your book?” In fact, expect your host to ask these questions directly. If you can’t answer with a powerful, insightful response, you’ve just missed a golden opportunity to sell your book and you should have probably skipped the interview all together.
  6. Reading a script: Radio interviews are about conversations with your host. Never read a script. Having notes are OK, but if you’re simply going to read your notes you might as well email it in. They want to hear from you. You’re the subject expert, so demonstrate it by conversing with the host and your audience.

Radio interviews are a powerful medium that can propel your career and position. With preparation, practice and authenticity, you can find that it can provide you the critical exposure needed to market your book.

Tell me what your experience has been.


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