Yahoo CEO Caught Falsifying Resume

What was he thinking? Falsifying a resume? That’s what Scott Thompson, President of Yahoo did. He stated on his resume that he had a degree in computer science, when he did not. When he got caught, he blamed the recruiter. And for all that, he lost his job. Senseless. At the CEO level, no one really cares what your undergraduate degree is in. But frankly, that’s not the point. The Yahoo Board was correct in asking Thompson to step down. When someone lies, trust is broken and when you have no credibility with the people who work with and for you, it is time to go.

We unfortunately hear a lot about resumes containing fraudulent information and we can expect to hear and see much more. With a tight economy and people desperately trying to find employment, puffing one’s resume for some seems like a reasonable risk.  They’re wrong.

ADP and the Society for Human Resource Management recently released a disturbing study on this. Some of their findings include:

  • 53% of resumes and job applications contain falsifications
  • 78% of resumes are misleading
  • 21% of resumes state fraudulent degrees
  • 70% of college students surveyed would lie on a resume to get a job they wanted

Employers must be extra vigilant in conducting background checks on applicants. While most reference checking confirms dates of employment, verifying education is rarely done. As for job seekers, never, ever, falsify your resume. As Thompson found out, it will get you fired.

Employers, are you finding many fraudulent resumes and if so, what are you doing when you discover them? Let us know by commenting below.

Rick Dacri

Dacri & Associates, LLC


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