Flu Season Preparation

The flu season is upon us and it looks like it is going to be severe. Already Boston has declared a state of emergency. Employers need to take steps to protect their employees and business before they get hit with a major outbreak.

 Here are 6 things you can do:

  1. Encourage all your employees to get vaccinated. This is the single best way to prevent or at least minimize the impact. Educate your workers on the importance. Put up signs. Communicate its importance. Encourage them to get the vaccine and have their family vaccinated.
  2. Check with your medical insurance provider or broker to see whether the vaccination is covered in full by your health insurance.
  3. Consider hosting a flu vaccination clinic. You don’t have to be a big firm to do this. Often times you can partner with a local pharmacy to have this done on your site.
  4. Encourage ill employees to stay home. Your highly engaged workers will drag themselves in to do their job but you need to tell them to stay home. Don’t let them infect the rest of the operation.
  5. Review your sick leave and attendance policies to make sure you’re not sending the message to stay home but have policies that will penalize workers for doing that. Now is the time for flexibility and at the same time educate your managers and supervisors on this. You don’t want to be sending mixed messages.
  6. Promote cleanliness and personal hygiene. Educate your employees on proper coughing and sneezing methods. Put hand sanitizer everywhere. Encourage regular disinfecting of phones, keyboards, doorknobs, faucets, etc.

The flu will have an enormous impact on business. Absenteeism and lost productivity can have a crippling effect. Studies show that an individual with the flu will lose up to 6 work-days. Prevention is the key.

Take steps now to address this issue. And call me if you need advice.

What is your company doing to prepare? Share below in the comment section.

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