NE Patriots Bench Generates Big Win



For New England Patriot fans, it was very difficult to see the pained look on Rob Gronkowski’s face as he walked of the field injured last Sunday—lost for the game and season. Earlier Danny Woodhead, this year’s surprising star performer, was also injured. In spite of these losses, New England was still able to win convincingly.

In the rough and tumble game of NFL football, teams must have a deep bench to be competitive. New England has mastered the art of recruiting and developing versatile players who are ready to step in anytime—and because of this they will be defending the AFC Championship this Sunday.

What about your organization? If you sustained a loss of a key employee, would you have someone ready to step in? I recognize most organizations do not have the luxury of having a bench filled with players who can be called upon when needed. But, if an employee is unable to perform, the business still must be able to operate. You need to have a plan. Versatility within your workforce is critical.

I am hoping the Patriots will once again return to the Super Bowl this February. If they do, and I think they will, it will be because of the depth they have on their bench.

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January 15, 2013 · 9:56 AM

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