EEOC Reports Nearly 100,000 Job Discrimination Charges


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that it received nearly 100,000 workplace discrimination claims during its 2012 fiscal year. These claims do not include those filed through state agencies. Retaliation, race and sex discrimination which includes allegations of sexual harassment and pregnancy were, respectively, the most frequently filed charges. The Commission further reported that it obtained $365 million for those who brought forth these claims.

To prevent discrimination from occurring in your company, you should do the following:

  1. Invest heavily in management training. Train all your managers annually in employment law basics, communication skills, and how to treat employees with respect.
  2. Review all your human resource practices. Focus on hiring, promotion, discipline, layoffs/termination, performance appraisals and documentation.
  3. Have a broad anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy. The courts and the EEOC interpret having no policy negatively. Include a complaint procedure, language discouraging inappropriate behavior, and language alerting employees that all employees should file claims promptly.
  4. Follow your state law guidelines. Multi-state employers must know all state laws to ensure compliance.

Protect your employees and companies. Claims can do irreparable harm to your company and workforce and cost thousands to fight or settle. To learn more about what you can do, click here or call me today.


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