Book Promotion, Part 2: 51 Tactics to Promote Your Book

In the previous post, I discussed that how you promote your book depends upon your strategy: is your purpose book sales or positioning yourself as a thoughtleader who wrote a book. One you have determined your strategic direction, you can then begin to employ a number of the pre and post book publication promotion tactics as outlined below:


  1. Add to your email signature “author of forthcoming book_____”
  2. Set up book webpage on your current website
  3. Include description of the book
  4. Include picture of the book cover and table of contents
  5. Add testimonials (get your manuscript to key thought leaders and clients and ask if they will provide you a brief testimonial. Rarely does anyone refuse).
  6. Include method (web shopping cart) to purchase books in advance at discounted rates
  7. Get a number of individuals (noted experts, professionals, clients) to write a review/testimonial of the book
  8. Add these testimonials to website and book flaps
  9. Include these testimonials in your book promotions and market materials
  10. When your book is published, have these same individuals write a book review in Amazon (can use same testimonial)
  11. Find periodicals that accept book reviews and send in
  12. Write articles based on book for industry specific publications (or publications read by clients and/or prospects)
  13. Articles should capture the themes of book
  14. Includes phrases such as “as outlined in my book ____”
  15. In any bio for articles, note that you are the “author of forthcoming book ___”
  16. Promote book in social media
  17. Announce the forthcoming publication in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  18. Link social media promotions to your book webpage
  19. Blog about your book and/or chapter topics; include links to your book webpage
  20. Add “book author” to all of your bios
  21. Send notices of the book to clients, prospects, and influencers
  22. Inform everyone about the book and its value to them
  23. Include comments/testimonials (“advance praise”) to notices
  24. Provide easy methods to make early, discounted purchases
  25. Build excitement for your book
  26. Leverage the book for speaking engagements
  27. Contact associations about speaking about the book
  28. Do not make speaking engagements a pure promo: create relevant topics where you can reference the book (soft sell)
  29. In prepared introduction of you for speaking, reference the book in your bio
  30. Leverage the book for media attention
  31. Send press releases about forthcoming book
  32. Send press releases to radio/TV: focus on timely topics but mention book
  33. Radio/TV hosts should be briefed on book prior to interviews

After Your Book is Published

  1. Send copy of book to all clients and prospects
  2. Personally inscribe each book
  3. Hand carry or add a handwritten personalized note to mailed books
  4. Do not charge for book unless your goal is to position self as an author who earns money on book sales
  5. Use book to meet prospects; send out with personalized note and follow up to arrange meeting
  6. Do anything to put book in hands of prospects/buyers
  7. Promote “back of room sales” during speaking engagement
  8. If room is filled with “buyers (CEOs)”of your services, give books away
  9. If room is filled with non buyers, sell books
  10. Leverage book during charitable/fundraising events
  11. Offer book for silent auctions
  12. Sell books at charitable events and contribute profits to the cause
  13. Generate press release announcing charitable event and the selling of your book
  14. Leverage book for speaking/media/articles/social media
  15. Leverage book through Webinars/Teleseminars/Podcasts
  16. Sponsor “events” such as breakfasts or lunch and learns with topics from the book
  17. Add “Author of the book _____” to your email signature
  18. Give books away as “holiday” gifts

There are many other tactics you can employ to promote your book. These are some of the successful means I employed when promoting Uncomplicating Management.

Let us know what you have done. Post in the comment section below.


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