HR HelpLine: When You Need Expert Advice

imagesManaging people is hard and often frustrating.  Throw in those ever changing employment laws, lawyers that want to sue, employees who “know their rights,” a bruising economy and everyone demanding more and more of your time, and your job just got very complicated.

Well, I can help you with the people side of the business. Since I started my business in 1995 I have provided my clients with practical, uncomplicated, expert advice on how to make managing easier. Through my HR HelpLine, I have provided managers, just like you, the human relations expertise and hands-on skills needed to improve employee productivity, mitigate risk, and eliminate headaches that comes with managing people.

My clients call me for help on a number of difficult issues, from how to deal with the cook who came to work smelling of booze, to the clerk who hasn’t showed up to work in days, to the injured nurse who has refused to return on modified duty, to the manager who gets bit “handsy” with his female staff. You name it, I’ve been asked.

Regardless of the issue, if it is impacting your workplace, I can provide you with the assistance and expert advice you need to rectify the situation.

Want to know more? You can click HR HelpLine for a more detailed description of the service or you can call me direct at 207-967-0837. It’s that easy.

Incidentally, when you call the HR HelpLine, you speak only to me, Rick Dacri. No rookies. And, beyond the unlimited phone and email access, I’ll also give you a subscription to my management newsletter, The Dacri Report; a copy of my book, Uncomplicating Management; and regular updates and alerts designed to help make managing a bit easier.

Sound too good to be true? Give me a call and we can talk a bit more about it—and when you do, I’ll even send you a copy of my bookFree. See, I’m a nice guy too!


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