Practical Solutions To Your Workforce Questions

Not knowing how to deal with some problems within your workforce can make your job miserable. That’s what managers tell me all the time–and that’s why I developed the HR HelpLine.

The HR HelpLine provides expert, confidential advice on all employee issues so you can effectively run your organization. Business owners, senior managers & HR professionals use this service to solve their human resource problems and get practical advice on difficult workforce situations.

Call Rick Dacri at 207-967-0837 for a FREE initial consultation. I guarantee you’ll get the answers you need.


10. You’ll get answers to all your workforce questions FAST Whether as basic as an attendance issue or as complicated as handling a sexual harassment claim-I’ll have expert advice for you.

9. You’ll always know how to address the difficult employee issues I’ll provide you a back to basics approach to dealing with employees–practical and uncomplicated

8. Employment law will finally be clear to you No more legalese-just straight answers–a simple, uncomplicated approach

7. You’ll always be talking to an expert whom you can trust You’ll only talk to me, Rick Dacri, who’ll find solutions for you that makes sense

6. You’ll reduce the risk of a costly lawsuit By taking a proactive approach, you’ll prevent these claims—but if you ever get one, you’ll know how to handle it

5. You can call anytime You can make unlimited calls or send unlimited emails

4. There’s nothing you can’t ask If it has to do with your employees or organization, I can help— and after 25 years, I’ve heard it all

3. You’ll finally be able to operate your business with confidence I’ll take care of the employee issues, so you can do what you do best-run your business

2. Your organization will perform better I’ll help you raise the bar on performance–you benefit from a productive workforce

1. You’ll have your own Human Resource department a phone call away With more than 25 years of experience, Rick Dacri is all you need

Call me, Rick Dacri at 207-967-0837 for a FREE initial consultation. You’ll get the answers you need– guaranteed.

Learn More About The HR HelpLine


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