Should You Write On A Regular Basis? You Bet!


(This is a guest post written by Jeff Pike  of Business Writing Services)

Business leaders often struggle with the decision of whether or not to start writing blogs or expert articles. For some, it’s a matter of measuring the value of the time invested to write and whether the business will receive a return on that investment.

The value in writing is undeniable. Blogs and articles—when written in a journalistic style without going heavy on self-promotion—demonstrate your subject-matter-expertise to your key audiences. Writing also gives you the opportunity to objectively present examples and proof points of your successes that your audience can relate to.

To generate true value, business leaders should commit to writing on a regular basis. One article per year simply won’t earn a sufficient audience impression. To develop awareness and earn affinity, leaders need to commit to publishing at least on a quarterly basis and preferably more often, such as monthly.

As you write, don’t push your company or your product. Instead, present your knowledge on how to solve the problems that “keep your audience up at night”. Give them something they can use without having to buy your products or services.

Blogs are often as short as 250 words, and you can publish them right on your website if you don’t have another outlet. If you can write full-length articles, which typically range from 750-1500 words, many vertical industry magazines and websites gladly receive expert contributions. Chances are good you can find one or more in your industry that will accept your articles on a regular basis.

Generating actual business from articles usually takes time, perhaps even as long as a year. Audiences typically don’t respond the first time they read one of your blogs or articles. But over time, if they see your name pop up often enough—even if briefly within an e-mail—they begin to accept that you must know what you are talking about and can serve as an expert when they need your product or service.

Writing success is very similar to business success. If you hang around long enough, you will reach the point of critical mass and earn mindshare among your audiences—that you truly rank as a leading subject-matter-expert in your industry.

 Jeff Pike has been a freelance writer and editor since 1999. He specializes in helping businesses communicate their successes and their expertise through customer case studies, expert articles, white papers, press releases and general marketing documents.  Jeff also specializes in serving as a ghost writer for business executives and subject-matter experts. He can be reached at

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