4 Critical Issues Impacting CEOs (Audio)


(Post by Rick Dacri, July 15, 2013)

A number of issues are suddenly impacting organizations forcing employers to make changes in how they manage their workforce. Unprepared employers will find themselves scrambling to comply with these government mandates, while struggling to address a skills shortage, aging workers and a workforce that is more and more disengaged.

In a free wheeling discussion on WLOB’s Mind Your Own Business, I will dissect these issues and provide employers with essential strategies to compete in this new emerging workplace. Some of the issues covered included:

  1. Changes employers must immediately make since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down DOMA;
  2. With 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching age 65 every day, how employers must deal with this knowing that the younger replacements lack the essential skills to be effective;
  3. Why immigration reform must pass before our economy is permanently harmed; and
  4. What to do with the fact that 70% of workers are disengaged.

I analyze these complex issues and provide the listeners with practical advice that is understandable, making the job of managers, easier. To listen, click INTERVIEW.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you, click Dacri & Associates, LLC.



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