Medical Marijuana: Hospitality Issues

Posted by Rick Dacri, February 19, 2014

This question came in from one of our HR HelpLine clients in Maine.

Question: What accommodation, if any, do we need to make for guests staying in our hotels with a prescription for medical marijuana? All of the rooms in our hotels are non-smoking. But the last thing we want is someone smoking pot in a public area- on a patio or a front porch.  What are your thoughts?

Expert Advice: This is a pretty complex question. Maine has developed rules governing the use of medical marijuana. Smoking medical marijuana in a public place is clearly prohibited under the guidelines.

I recommend you now make all your operations smoke free, indiscriminate of tobacco or marijuana. This would include your parking lots, outdoor patios and grounds. Since your hotels are all smoke free, be consistent in your enforcement of your new policy. Inform your guests and employees, in writing. You may also want to review your new policies with your legal counsel.

As the use of medical marijuana expands, expect to have your policies challenged. Train your staff on how you want your policy administered. There is a fine balance between compliance and good customer service.

If you would like to lean more aboutDacri’s HR HelpLine service, where you can get all your workforce questions answered, click HR HelpLine. I provide expert operational advice and since I’m not a not lawyer, it will never be filled with legalese.

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