New Offer: Supervisory Development Program

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Earlier this year I introduced the Accelerated Supervisory Development Program. Eleven individuals signed up and successfully completed it. Since then I have been asked when I was going to offer the program again. Well, mark your calendars. A second program is scheduled to begin on April 23, 2014.

This training program is specifically designed for small companies with only a few managers or companies that want to quickly provide training for a single manager or two. I call it

 Rick Dacri’s Uncomplicating Management

Accelerated Supervisory Development Program.


Here’s what some of the “graduates” said about this recent program:

Great class. Rick cleared up issues on employee problems.”

Chris Davidson, Supervisor, Paras Electric

“Just the chapter/lesson on legal issues of hiring and terminations and drug testing do’s and don’ts are worth its weight to the average employer who doesn’t deal with this on a regular basis. Lots of info packed into a very painless time frame.”

Mark Dufoe, Operations Manager, Kennebunk Light & Power District

In five short weeks, you or your supervisors will:

  • Enhance their skills as a manager
  • Increase their ability to motivate and engage their people to deliver outstanding results
  • Know how to attract, hire and retain exceptional talent
  • Delegate and make better decisions
  • Inspire, coach and mentor their people, creating enthusiasm, clarity and increased effectiveness
  • Listen and communicate better, resulting in open and honest dialogue
  • Confront problem employees, resolve tough issues, including attitude, performance and behavior
  • Provide honest feedback, praise and recognition
  • Understand and operate within the law, without fear of lawsuits

The program includes 5 regularly scheduled training sessions, one-on-one time with me, training materials, my book, and more.Uncomplicating Management

Interested? Click here and read all about it and register. With a starting date of April 23, this program is the perfect way to develop the skills and effectiveness of your management team!

To register, click Accelerated Online Supervisory Development Program

If you have questions, call Rick Dacri or email at



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