8 Musts For Retaining Star Employees

images(Post by Rick Dacri, May 6, 2014)

Retaining your best employees is critical. Here are 8 uncomplicated steps to holding them and keeping them engaged:

  1. Hire right every time: It all starts here. Hire stars. Otherwise expect problems.
  2. Develop a strong management team: Train your managers and supervisors. Unless you have strong front line supervisors, you are not going to be successful.
  3. Create a work environment that people love: Engaged employees don’t quit. It’s all about the culture.
  4. Integrate new employees into your workplace: Develop an effective on boarding program. Your new employees should be excited about their decision to join you.
  5. Understand and meet your employees’ needs: Star employees remain engaged when they are paid fairly, treated with respect, have the tools to do their job, are recognized for their good performance, know that you care about them, have growth opportunities and their opinions and ideas are valued.
  6. Be clear about your expectations: Employees want and need to know what you want them to do. When the company and itsmanager are clear about what is expected, employees rise up to meet them.
  7. Communicate: It’s basic, but many problems begin here. Provide frequent, timely, problem solving communications. And listen to your people.
  8. Take care of your employees: This isn’t a kumbaya thing. Understand your employee needs, meet them, and they’ll stick around. Employees want a manager who cares.

Retaining stars is not complicated, but it takes work.

I’ve helped many organizations retain their best employees. Many have seen their turnover reduced in half within a short time. Give me a call and we can discuss how we can make this happen at your company.

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