Supervisory Development Program Grads

book_logo100(Posted by Rick Dacri, June 9, 2014)

12 supervisors and managers successfully completed the Dacri Accelerated Online Supervisory Development Program. Designed to provide managers the skills to effectively manage their workforce, these individuals participated in a 5 week, highly interactive program. Click here to see the program outline.

The graduating class:

  1. Mark Bixby, Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant
  2. Eric Grover, Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant
  3. Bill Snow, Marblehead Municipal Light Plant
  4. Mark Dugan, Marblehead Municipal Light Plant
  5. Tirstan Vidmore, Bristol Seafood
  6. John Young, Bristol Seafood
  7. Kevin Snow, Groveland Municipal Electric Department
  8. James Brown, Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department
  9. Reynell Townsend, ABCD Boston
  10. Paul Cote, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District
  11. Keith Archibald,Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District
  12. Greg Pargellis,Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District

Earlier this year, 11 other supervisors successfully completed the initial offering of this program.

Call me if you’d like to learn how your supervisors can enroll.

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