Planning Keeps You On Course

images(Post by Rick Dacri, October 9, 2015)

Not knowing where you want to go makes it a lot easier to get there. Making a plan, setting a direction, allocating time and resources…yikes, this seems hard. After all, simply drifting where the wind takes you requires minimal effort and unfortunately, that’s how some companies operate. But it is a choice…a choice to react or to be proactive and plan.

Planning is an essential element in the successful operation of any business. As you make these strategic plans for your organization, ponder these three questions:

  1. Do I know what tomorrow’s opportunities will look like?
  2. Do I know where I want to take my company and why?
  3. Do I know where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow?

This is heady stuff. But by taking a strategic approach to your business planning, envisioning your future, and developing the procedures and operations to achieve your future, you have put in place the foundation for a successful business. Simply reacting to the latest crisis may keep you busy and feeling productive, but by the end of the day, you will likely find yourself falling behind.

Integrate planning in all aspects of your business. You’ll find by fostering a proactive mindset about the future will result in improved organizational performance, ensuring that you now have the ability to take advantage of emerging situations and opportunities.


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