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Municipalities: The Magnet That Draws Candidates to You Creating a Positive Recruitment Brand

  (This article was written by Rick Dacri and published in the March 2016 MTCMA Newsletter) Why is it that some towns have a steady stream of quality individuals who want to work for them? In large part, these towns … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Measure Your Recruitment Brand

(Post by Rick Dacri, November 5, 2015) I recently spoke at a conference on the topic of Recruitment Strategies. I spent considerable time on showing the participants how to develop a recruitment brand for their company. After the session, one … Continue reading

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Recruitment: The 5 Pillars of a Strong Recruitment Brand

(This article, written by Rick Dacri, was published in the York County Coast Star) The economy is heating up and businesses are slowly hiring again. Employers are demanding that new hires be skilled, ready and able to immediately contribute. No … Continue reading


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Recruitment Brand: The Magnet That Draws Candidates

Every employer dreams of having a steady stream of highly qualified applicants knocking at their door, hoping to be hired–applicants, who are skilled, fully engaged and who mesh with their current employees and fit within their culture. And as idealistic … Continue reading

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7 Recruitment Trends in 2015

(Post by Rick Dacri, April 1, 2015) Employers are hiring again and the competition for talent is getting fierce. As I view the marketplace, I am seeing 7 recruitment trends emerging: 1. Differentiation is critical: employers are developing and promoting … Continue reading


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Recruitment: How To Find Great Talent (Radio Interview)

The economy is growing and employers are once again recruiting. In a fast paced 60 minute radio, I discuss the current state of talent today, the reasons why it is getting so difficult to find great quality talent and how organizations … Continue reading

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Recruitment: Finding Perfect Candidates

(Post by Rick Dacri, November 7, 2014) When recruiting a new executive, it is important to know where to find the best candidates. In previous newsletters and in my book Uncomplicating Management, I have covered the recruitment process in detail, … Continue reading


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Recruitment: Why Job Searches Fail: 6 Steps that Guarantee Success

(Post written by Rick Dacri, September 10, 2014) Too many searches using executive recruiters fail, often before the recruitment process even begins. In some cases, managers, eager to quickly fill an opening, hand the assignment over to the recruiter before … Continue reading


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Recruitment: How To Hire Star Performers (Free Webinar)

Based on the success of my initial two webinars last month, Rick Dacri is offering a third complimentary webinar on Hiring Star Performers Every Time. It is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at Noon, EDT and you can register by clicking … Continue reading

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Recruitment: Landing Your Next Manager

(I wrote this article and it was published in the Maine Townsman Magazine, April 2012 issue. The Maine Townsman is the magazine of the Maine Municipal Association.) The most important responsibility of any Council or Board is to hire a … Continue reading


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