Advisory Services

For over 25 years, executives and business owners in a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to small not-for-profits, have relied on Rick Dacri as a trusted advisor.

Rick has provided advice and guidance to executives who need an objective resource-a sounding board with whom they can talk through problems, strategize about critical issues, bounce ideas, or get expert advice and answers to complicated questions.

A trusted advisor has your back. They provide you with exclusive access to expert counsel so you can address the most critical challenges you face. They have the experience and knowledge to take on demanding issues, make difficult decisions, and guide you through treacherous waters. Rick is this kind of advisor.

You can always access Rick during normal business hours and get quick responses to your inquiries. All phone calls are returned within two hours and emails returned the same day.

Clients who work with Rick typically see these kinds of results:

  • Improved levels of employee productivity and performance
  • More clarity when making decisions
  • Increased self-confidence when addressing difficult and complex situations
  • Higher quality hires who can hit the ground running
  • Minimal risk of discrimination and harassment suits
  • Significant reduction in workers’ compensation costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction, engagement and retention

Rick offers three types of advisory services:

  • Executive Advisor: –for senior level executives, business owners and managers seeking business, organizational and professional advice
  • HR HelpLine: –for executives, managers and HR professionals needing workforce and compliance advice
  • Consultant Advisor: — for consultants and professional services firms

To learn more about these Advisory Services, contact Rick at 207-967-0837 or

Here’s what others are saying:

I have worked with and relied on Rick Dacri for the past six years and have found him to be of incredible assistance.  Whether I needed guidance on a complicated FMLA issue, or had a difficult employee relations issue, Rick helped me every time by boiling everything down to the essentials and helping me coming up with a straightforward way to handle the situation.  Knowing I could pick up the phone and call anytime – even if it was just to confirm that I hadn’t missed something – brought a nice peace of mind.  They say two heads are better than one, and if one of them is Rick then you’re already ahead of the game!

Leyre Gillis, Director of Human Resources-Rogerson Communities

Rick Dacri’s work on behalf of Skills Inc. has been a rock solid success. We have raised the bar on who we hire, how we hire and adopted practices that help us retain our best employees. The net results are a dramatic reduction in overtime expenses, happier employees and a stronger organization.

 Tom Davis, CEO-Skills Inc.

We have benefited greatly from Rick’s extensive knowledge and experience, which has allowed us to accomplish our initiatives in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible.

Glenn Trueira, General Manager-Peabody Municipal Light Plant

Rick’s expertise spans from “nuts and bolts” human resources issues to high level organizational development. He asks the right questions, listens carefully, and is generous in sharing his considerable insights. Rick is wonderful to work with.

Susan deGrandre, Owner- Collaboration Consulting

Rick has the unique ability to quickly get to an underlying issue and find a simple, logical solution. Our retainer arrangement with him has been especially beneficial, as any supervisor with any HR question can call him whenever needed. He’s like having our own in-house HR expert at a fraction of the cost. When considering our improved productivity, morale and peace of mind, his services have cost us nothing; in fact they helped improve our bottom line.

Norm Labbe, Superintendent-The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District

Engaging Rick Dacri was the best thing I have done. All his work on developing a harassment and discrimination program helped me avoid an expensive lawsuit on a baseless claim. Rick saved me a bundle and more importantly, reinforced that we’re a great place to work.

Ken Moulison, CEO-Moulison North Corporation

Rick offered excellent insight and advice in coping with a sensitive personnel issue. It’s nice to have someone like Rick that I can turn to when things go wrong, but it is just important to know that less things go wrong thanks to his professional advice.

Michael Cloutier, General Manager, Groveland Municipal Light Plant

Whenever I need the right words to handle an HR situation…or mentoring…or guidance…or advice, I can call on Rick Dacri. I am grateful.

Debi Cherry, Office Manager-Mamma Mia Restaurants

I saved two vulnerable employees and saved one who had already given her notice. All that good stuff happened within 48 hours of meeting you! Thank you for the advice!

Susan Whalen, Administrator-Sunset Home

To learn more about these Advisory Services, contact Rick at 207-229-5954 or

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